The Knowledge Hub is an interactive platform centred around sustainability and the University of Amsterdam. It is a place where people from every background can share ideas and collaborate with others working in different academic disciplines or professions. We encourage you to post your research projects, upcoming events and opportunities, browse posts for inspiration and connect with our Knowledge Hub community.


1. Who’s behind the Knowledge Hub?

The Knowledge Hub was created by the University of Amsterdam Green Office and is managed by the Research and Education team who can be reached through our contact form. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch! We would love to hear from you.

2. Who’s the Knowledge Hub for?

The Knowledge Hub is for anybody interested in sustainability. You could be a pre-University student curious about what the UvA has to offer, a current student, PhD candidate or professor looking for support with a project, or a representative from an external organisation keen to get student’s help with a challenge you face. Everyone is welcome.

3. What’s the Knowledge Hub for?

Anyone can use the Knowledge Hub to share their relevant projects or post opportunities. You can also simply browse posts to find inspiration for new projects, look for new opportunities or use the site as a networking platform. If you want to check that your post is appropriate, please have a look at our community guidelines.