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Active contribution and engagement are the basis of the Knowledge Hub. The Knowledge Hub is a space for exchanging knowledge, insights, best practice, opportunities, research findings and anything else that is related to sustainability.


We all have so much to learn from each others’ experience. Please react and respond to other users’ posts in a respectful and constructive manner.


The purpose of the Knowledge Hub is to facilitate collaboration and networking, so get connected with students, staff and external stakeholders with similar interests!


Key to the Knowledge Hub is its focus on collaboration. With this in mind, all users should interact with mutual respect and tolerance, and consider the inclusivity, accessibility and transparency of their engagements. We welcome and respect the opinions and work of others.

Recognise this is a public platform.

Remember that this is a public space where other students and researchers share information and engage with one another. Other Knowledge Hub users and members will therefore be able to see your posts and comments. Please remember this before posting something you are not comfortable with sharing or that may not be in line with the ethos of this platform and the community using it.

Facilitate and encourage accessibility.

We not only want to foster environmental sustainability, but facilitate a platform that is equal, just and accessible to everyone of all backgrounds and abilities.



The Knowledge Hub is not intended for adverts, or to sell or promote unrelated commercial items. Promotion of events, lectures or publications related to sustainability are of course welcomed.


The use of offensive language will not be tolerated. This includes all forms of hate speech and harassment.


Comments or posts that are defamatory, false, misleading, threatening, insulting or offensive in nature will be removed and those who persistently engage in this behaviour will be blocked from the site.

Violate People's Right to Privacy.

Emails and contact details are provided in order to facilitate collaboration and networking. It is strictly prohibited to use information gathered on the Knowledge Hub for commercial, promotional or political purposes. Failure to respect users’ email privacy will result in the perpetrators account being suspended.


The Knowledge Hub is designed for collaboration, so please ensure the accessibility and accuracy of information which is posted.


The Knowledge Hub facilitates the sharing of sustainability research, and therefore everything that is posted must be accounted for by legitimate sources. Users are prohibited from copyrighting and/or plagiarising the research of other users from the Knowledge Hub platform. When taking inspiration or knowledge from other members’ research, ensure to always cite them and credit them for their work.