Updates and Highlights from the UvA Green Office

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Be a guest on the UvA Green Office Podcast

“Green Gen” is a new podcast series created for environmentally conscious, ecopreneur, sustainability enthusiasts, conscious consumers and eco-curious students produced by the UvA Green Office. We’re looking for students who want to discuss how our generation is making a change.


Do you think you are a good fit for an episode? Reach out through our contact page and check out our podcast here!

All Gone: Climate Imaginaries Exhibit

All Gone is an experiment in which artificial intelligence is repurposed as a co-author of climate future stories and a co-designer of accompanying images. The series offers tools for reflection on the present and possible futures of living with climate change and is part of a broader Climate Futures programme by the Visual Methodologies Collective. It will be on display courtesy of the UvA Green Office from April 21, 2022 onward. Stay tuned to social media for more information!

BillieCups Launch at
Eetcafé Oerknal

The UvA Green Office campus team is happy to announce that the first cafe at The UvA will switch from disposable coffee cups to returnable Billie Cups! 

Eetcafé Oerknal is located at Science Park and is pioneering circular solutions for reducing waste at our institution. 

To learn more about the Billie Cups initiative, check out this news post.